Graphic organizer for writing a summary paragraph examples

Next, the student should generate ideas for a story and record single words or short phrases that capture these ideas it is important to discourage students from writing complete sentences on a planning sheet, as this will restrain flexibility in planning and yield a rough draft rather than a true plan.

The letters OREO teach how to write using: Is there something that could have been improved. Once the group has read the text, they rewrite their summary to reflect the actual content of the text and their improved understanding of the material, and discuss this revised version with the rest of the class.

This does not mean, however, that less content-driven writing exercises are undesirable or unnecessary; the inclusion of disciplinary writing is simply one part of a strong writing program see Ten Additional Attributes of a Top-Notch Classroom Writing Program.

We provide research-based recommendations, activities, and materials to effectively teach writing to the wide range of students educators often find in their classrooms.

Hook, Line, and Sinker Hook your reader instantly in the beginning of your writing by using these fun tips from this site. Would you recommend this book to a friend. Often do not develop writing goals and subgoals or flexibly alter them to meet audience, task, and personal demands; Fail to balance performance goals, which relate to documenting performance and achieving success, and mastery goals, which relate to acquiring competence; Exhibit maladaptive attributions by attributing academic success to external and uncontrollable factors such as task ease or teacher assistance, but academic failure to internal yet uncontrollable factors such as limited aptitude; Have negative self efficacy competency beliefs; Lack persistence; and Feel helpless and poorly motivated due to repeated failure.

Tufte, Edward RVisual Explanations: These students require intensive, individualized, and explicit teaching of various strategies if they are to improve their writing abilities.

If there is more than one child, sit in a small circle. Historical Letters Write a historical letter from the point of view of a person you are currently studying about in history. Cohen, Jacob; Cohen, Patricia December Careful lesson planning In creating measureable and student-friendly language objectives that support the content objectives, it is important that learner tasks in the lesson are aligned with the objectives.

Zhang learn more about the second language acquisition process of his students and can help a teacher like Mr.

Students may need to do some research about their issue, too.

Text Structure

Write a story about a plant, an animal, or a nonliving thing that comes to life. Complete this step three times. After completing your research, compile the most interesting facts you have learned. Next, they made a snow globe craft that is super cute. Create a cliffhanger by having a character endure many problematic experiences.

Super Glue Strength Create your writing assignments from what you are learning about in science, social studies, and literature. Share your joke book with your friends. Here are some tips. Don't forget to add some original jokes, too. About Me Book Create a book all about you. Long-form journalism Essays often appear in magazines, especially magazines with an intellectual bent, such as The Atlantic and Harpers.

Language Objectives: The Key to Effective Content Area Instruction for English Learners

Schoolhouse Rock Use the classic Schoolhouse Rock video clips to reinforce the parts of speech. Follow the step-by-step directions and conduct the experiment.

Brazil's jungle and the animals in it are facing extinction. The teaching practices of effective teachers of literacy. The text makes it clear to the reader why the argument or claim is as such. He deletes almost every photograph he takes.

Lewis brainstorm some scientific language related to the cell cycle that might need to be directly taught in order for the students to master the content and ELP standards: Think of an image to describe it like the bird in the poem.

Use strong verbs to write with strength and energize your writing. Become a Radio Broadcaster Pretend you are a radio broadcaster. Zuihitsu have existed since almost the beginnings of Japanese literature.

Each student might, for example, put a card in the appropriate slot of a class pocket chart labled with the stages of the writing process. Whether teaching spelling or handwriting, certain curriculum considerations should be addressed see Tips for Teaching Spelling and Tips for Teaching Handwriting mentioned previouslyincluding the following: Then, each student completes a double-entry journal while reading the assigned source text.

You can also use the book cover designer program. How to teach expository text structure. Tompkins () suggested the following three steps to teach expository text structures: Introduce an organizational pattern: The teacher introduces the signal words and phrases that identify each text structure and gives students a graphic organizer for each pattern.

Give students opportunities to work on the text: The teacher provides the students with. A paragraph is a unit of writing that consists of one or more sentences focusing on a single idea or topic. A well-written paragraph often has the following structure: Topic Sentence: This sentence outlines the main idea that will be presented in the paragraph.

Biography. Edward Rolf Tufte was born in in Kansas City, Missouri, to Virginia Tufte and Edward E. Tufte (–). He grew up in Beverly Hills, California, where his father was a longtime city official, and he graduated from Beverly Hills High School.

He received a BS and MS in statistics from Stanford University and a PhD in political science from Yale. Qualities of strong writing instruction. In order for teachers to support all students' writing ability development, certain qualities of the writing classroom must be present.

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Graphic organizer for writing a summary paragraph examples
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