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To lose audio or video signal. An international, non-profit, non-government, professional association established in to support the development of broadcasting in its region, promote the collective interests of television and radio broadcasters and encourage co-operation.

In journalism, stories that are told using more than one technology platform, each platform chosen to best tell that part of the story. A journalist working on the Internet.

Pruned Rutledge bestialising peace of verisimilarly fodder. Sometimes called ambient sound. It is run by the not-for-profit creativecommons. A derogatory term for media which use sensational reporting without concern for the harm it will do individuals.

An independent assessment of the accuracy of newspaper sales and circulation figures, especially so advertisers can decide where to place their business.

A technician who assists with camera and lighting in TV production. Two facing pages of a newspaper or magazine across which stories, pictures, adverts and other components are spread as if they were one page. Compare with social media.

Internet Protocol television is the delivery of television content over the Internet. An interactive, often private part of a website where visitors can write messages to each other in real time. An account of an artistic event such as a concert or a play which offers critical evaluation; opinion of the writer.

A process by which a person is filmed in front of a blank screen, onto which is then added still or moving pictures, often to make it appear they are at the scene.

Delayed identification means not indentifying individuals by name in the lead paragraph, but rather in the second or third paragraph. Acknowledging the source of a picture. In smaller newsrooms, this is often done by a chief reporter. Constitution, which historically protects media messages from regulation and censorship.

Legal proceedings are said to be active — with constraints on reporting, such as contempt laws - when a person has been arrested or charged, or a warrant or summons has been issued.

We also give prominence to terms based on Commonwealth practices, with others - such as those used in the US - also given where appropriate.

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Used by news stations to show the main headlines of the moment, stock exchange prices, the weather or other useful current information. Increasingly, these are laid out on computer screens using special flatplan software. It attempts to be factually based and is not to be confused with badly-practised objective journalism or propaganda.

Also called credit line. An older term for defamation. Also known as geolocation Data attached to a photo, video, or message containing information about the location at which it was created or uploaded.

The cut conveys a change of place, time or mood. Also called press conference or news conference. A private computer network within a company or organisation for internal users only.

Also JPG One of several file formats for making and sharing digital images by compressing them into smaller files. See also news editor. newspaper vocabulary active voice: In active voice the subject (the subject of the verb) performs the action.

Active voice puts the person or thing (the subject). The newspaper can be daunting for beginners. These terms and tips can help readers understand the parts of a newspaper and help them decide what information could be helpful when conducting research.

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newspaper vocabulary active voice: In active voice the subject (the subject of the verb) performs the action. Active voice puts the person or thing (the subject).

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